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See A Psychiatric Provider From Home

*Be seen within 1 week. Most insurances accepted.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Dedicated to your well-being, Anywhere Clinic guides you through each stage of your mental health journey. Every milestone becomes a step toward a brighter, more resilient you. With holistic and neuroplastic methods to explore all the contributing factors affecting mental and emotional health.

Redefining Psychiatry Through Holistic and Neuroplastic Therapies.

Your mental and emotional well-being is our core focus. At Anywhere Clinic, we utilize holistic and neuroplastic modalities to address the root of the problem. Our caring providers help explore all contributing factors affecting mental and emotional health. We're not just your clinician; we're devoted partners, guiding you on the path to lasting mental and emotional health. Let's take the first step together!

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Medication Management for:

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • ADHD

  • Insomnia 

  • Bipolar

  • PTSD

By utilizing at-home Ketamine Therapy (psychedelic therapy), to explore and understand emotional conflict from a core level, we provide the tools to enhance our greatest ability, self-healing. Insurance covered!



Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) helps to improve brain activity in over or under active parts of the brain. Safe, effective, and insurance covered. Currently available in Nevada only.



Psychologists & Therapists for:

  • Addiction 

  • Grief / Loss

  • Relationships 

  • Trauma 

  • Parenting

  • Group Therapy Sessions

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​Evaluations for:

  • Bariatric Surgery Clearance

  • Spinal Cord Simulator 

  • Emotional Support Animal 

  • Check Ups

  • Second Evaluations


Licensed Specialists for: 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Performance 

  • Smoking

  • Work Stress 

  • Crisis / Conflict

  • Self Improvement


States We Currently Service

Alabama ⬩ Alaska ⬩ Arizona ⬩ California ⬩ Colorado ⬩ Florida ⬩ Georgia ⬩ Idaho ⬩ Indiana ⬩ Louisiana ⬩ Nevada ⬩ New York ⬩ Utah

Not available in your state?  We hope to be soon!

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Dr. Sam Zand

Anywhere Clinic Founder & CEO

Dr. Zand is the Founder of Anywhere Clinic. He graduated from Johns Hopkins with a degree in public health, setting the foundation for his education in Psychiatry. He teaches holistic psychiatry and psychedelic medicine at UNLV, as well as several other universities. Every clinician on the team is trained through Dr. Zand’s program, ensuring a warm, caring approach for all patients.


Dear Future Client, 


We haven’t met yet, but when we do, please trust that you are in good hands.  It is our absolute pleasure to assist in your care. Whether you are new to mental health or you’ve been working on becoming your best self, it is our mission to help you achieve mental clarity, inner peace, and overall happiness.


At Anywhere Clinic, we have a team of Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants, Psychologists, Therapists, and other specialists to help you achieve your goals. In exploring your mental health, we will assess your physical health, emotional health, environmental health, and spiritual health. We will prescribe medication when needed, offer therapeutic exploration for those who are ready, and assist in lifestyle modifications to help you maintain structure and support in your life. Our goal is your personal growth. If you allow us to be your partner in your path towards happiness, we pledge to work as hard as we can to help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to browse our site and get to know our amazing team.

Contact us to schedule a video visit from your smartphone or computer. We often have same day availability. It is with great privilege that we are able to assist you with your mental health needs.



Dr. Sam Zand

& the Anywhere Clinic Team

Partners We Have Worked With

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Contact Us


Fax: (702) 485-6746

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Appointment Hours


8:00 am – 5:00 pm


8:00 am – 5:00 pm


8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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8:00 am – 5:00 pm

​Sat - Sun

By Appointment Only

Regional Locations & States We Service

Alabama Anywhere Clinic

4 Office Park Circle Suite 317

Birmingham, Alabama 35223 

(305) 677-1564

Please note: Once the covid emergency passes, to be able to receive controlled substances, you must meet your psychiatric provider in person once, and then you may follow up via telemed. For now, care is provided via Video Visit from your smartphone or computer. You will receive email instructions and a call from our team to assist. Our goal is to increase convenience and access to compassionate, quality mental health care, anytime, anywhere. 

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