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Start Self Healing with at Home Ketamine Therapy

*Most insurances accepted

Connecting with your True Self

Struggling to find the desired results with conventional medications and therapy? Embark on a transformative journey of self-healing and self-growth to address the core contributing factors and soothe the subconscious. Our program is designed to increase accessibility through insurance and low cost self-pay options.

Ketamine Therapy Home
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Step One

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Step Three


Book a virtual appointment with one of our clinicians (most insurances accepted), or schedule a free educational call to learn more about at home ketamine therapy.

Have your virtual consultation at your scheduled time. The clinician will go over your medical history, your symptoms and ensure this treatment is right for you. The clinician will then customize your personalized treatment protocol and dosage.

Your prescription will be mailed directly to your home. You'll then be able to start your treatments, with the help of our step by step client portal - and begin your holistic journey to healing and self actualization. 

A Breakthrough Treatment for Depression

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At-home ketamine treatments


Evidence backed results


First-class medical team

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Ongoing check-ups and integration

Dr. Sam Zand

Anywhere Clinic Founder & CEO

Dr. Zand is the Founder of Anywhere Clinic. He graduated from Johns Hopkins with a degree in public health, setting the foundation for his education in Psychiatry. He teaches holistic psychiatry and psychedelic medicine at UNLV, as well as several other universities. Every clinician on the team is trained through Dr. Zand’s program, ensuring a warm, caring approach for all patients.

Partners We Have Worked With

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First-class Medical Team

At Anywhere Clinic we are comprised of a team of leaders in psychedelic research, ketamine therapy, and clinical psychology. Facilitated by our compassionate clinicians, our personalized psychedelic-assisted therapy offers a progressive solutions for mental health symptoms. Tailored in duration and dosage, it rejuvenates neural pathways, leading to profound healing and breakthroughs in well-being. Join us on a transformative journey to mental wellness.

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Dr. Sam Zand, D.O.

Founder | Psychiatrist

Dr. Zand focuses on holistic mental health care. From his training at Johns Hopkins to his teachings of psychedelic medicine and neurostimulation at UNLV, Dr. Zand helps his community tap into the power of self-exploration and self-healing.With his calm demeanor and compassionate nature, his ultimate passion is helping others achieve happiness and personal growth.

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Dr. Tony Gross, D.O.

Mental Health Physician

Dr. Gross finished residency in family medicine, but focused his career on peak performance, sports medicine, and mental health. He currently works in several settings and enjoys his time with telepsychiatry. Dr. gross focuses on combining physical and mental factors to achieve peak performance.

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Dr. Michael Popov, D.O.


Dr. Popov served as chief resident of the UNLV Psychiatry Department. He enjoy working in community mental health, consult liaison, and addiction. Dr. Popov is an asset to the community as he also works with the Las Vegas Metro Police to improve their Crisis Intervention Training. A healthy, balanced life allows Dr. Popov to lead by example and help his patients achieve their goals.

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Dr. John Chece, D.O.

Mental Health Physician

Dr. Chece attended medical school at Touro University Nevada and later completed his family medicine residency at the University of Rhode Island. As a family doctor, he gained interest in his patient's overall physical and mental health. Now, he primarily works in mental health settings, helping patients to bridge the gap between the body and mind.

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Dr. Johnathan Edwards, MD


Dr. Edwards specializes in human health, optimization, and is double boarded as an anesthesiologist and internal medicine doctor. Dr. Edwards is an expert in peak performance and focuses his time working with professional athletes and high achievers. He has an interest in ketamine therapy, a passion for patient care, and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. 


Dr. Jason Castillo, D.O.


Dr. Castillo focuses on traditional therapeutic care, blending medication management with talk therapy. He has worked with Veterans, detox facilities, concierge settings, and state psychiatric hospitals. His relaxed approach allows him to easily connect with everyone.



Learning Resources

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