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We believe that therapeutic exploration is fundamental to improving our mental health. All our mental health prescribers are trained in supportive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy tactics to help with acute emotional stressors and underlying causes of psychiatric conditions. If patients are believed to require long term talk therapy, we will refer to our local and teletherapy team for traditional therapy, psychodynamics, psychological testing, EMDR, trauma counseling, and/or self help workshops. Our goal is to help ameliorate all biological, psychological, environmental, and spiritual conflicts contributing to our overall mental health.

dr brian potts.jpg
Brian Potts, Psy.D.
Chief Psychologist

Dr. Brian Potts, PsyD, CSAC, BCIA earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology and his masters degree in marriage and family counseling from Chaminade University. Dr. Potts specializes in therapeutic methods for trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship counseling, and substance abuse. In addition to helping treat the community, he also volunteers as a SWAT psychologist for Las Vegas Metro and provides monthly trainings on PTSD.

Dr. Nicole Anders Calm Clinic.png
Nicole Anders, Psy.D.
Chief Psychologist

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Anders specializes in treatment for PTSD/trauma as well as women’s health. Dr. Anders is trained in a multitude of evidence-based therapy modalities including Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Anders believes in a humanistic approach to treatment, understanding that the best mode of practice is through a lens of love and compassion. 

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