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Our team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are all well-experienced in psychopharmicology and medication management. Our on-site and telepsychiatry team can assist in any complex mental illness including depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia, addiction, or any other psychosomatic illness. We have served in all types of mental health settings including hospital consults, skilled nursing facilities, psychiatric hospitals, TMS, Ketamine clinics, hospice, prisons, detox/rehab, pain clinics, family practices, therapy offices, community mental health, and standard outpatient care. With over thirty providers across twelve states, our goal is to provide quality care in areas of need.

Dr Zand photo.png
Sam Zand, D.O.
Founder | Psychiatrist

Dr. Zand focuses on holistic mental health care. From his training at Johns Hopkins to his teachings of psychedelic medicine and neurostimulation at UNLV, Dr. Zand helps his community tap into the power of self-exploration and self-healing. With his calm demeanor and compassionate nature, his ultimate passion is helping others achieve happiness and personal growth. Nevada, Utah

dr michael popov.png
Michael Popov, D.O.

Dr. Popov served as chief resident of the UNLV Psychiatry Department. He enjoy working in community mental health, consult liaison, and addiction. Dr. Popov is an asset to the community as he also works with the Las Vegas Metro Police to improve their Crisis Intervention Training. A healthy, balanced life allows Dr. Popov to lead by example and help his patients achieve their goals. Nevada.

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 6.56.58 PM.png
Johnathan Edwards, MD Anesthesiologist 

Dr. Edwards specializes in human health, optimization, and is double boarded as an anesthesiologist and internal medicine doctor. Dr. Edwards is an expert in peak performance and focuses his time working with professional athletes and high achievers. He has an interest in ketamine therapy, a passion for patient care, and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. Nevada, Florida.

scott baxter photo.jpg
Scott Baxter, PA-C Physician Assistant

PA Scott has transitioned his life work from emergency and urgent care to mental health, where he now specializes in medication management and supportive therapy. Scott has an amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life without judgment or bias. Trained locally at Touro University Nevada, Scott has been making an impact on our community for many years. Nevada.

devan stevens.png
Devan Stevens, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Devan has worked all over the community and enjoys seeing patients in diverse settings and addressing mental health from different perspectives. Through psychiatric medication management and light supportive therapy, PA Devan is a huge asset to his patients.  Nevada, Utah.

judy chan.png
Judy Chan, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Judy enjoys her work in acute emergency settings but finds ultimate fulfillment treating mental health. She is extremely proficient in medication management and supportive therapy. Judy attended Touro University Nevada, where she began cultivating therapeutic relationships in the community.  Nevada.

Jason Castillo, D.O.

Dr. Castillo focuses on traditional therapeutic care, blending medication management with talk therapy. He has worked with Veterans, detox facilities, concierge settings, and state psychiatric hospitals. His relaxed approach allows him to easily connect with everyone.  Colorado, Nevada.

blank profile photo.jpg
Eliza Karwowski, D.O.

Dr. Karkowski sees patients telemedically and supervises other providers. She has expertise in psychopharmacology and safe chemical enhancement strategies. Her compassion and easy-going nature allow her clients to open up easily and find trust in their growth process.  California, Florida, Idaho, Texas.

pa marie stevens.png
Marie Stevens, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Marie grew up with psychologists in her family. Understanding the psychological effects of pain, trauma, and grief, she is able to educate her patients through many therapeutic strategies. Nevada, Utah.

Katie Henkel, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Katie has focused on the mental health perspective of addiction and recovery. She currently works in numerous detox settings to help improve mental health by assisting in patients' sobriety and mental clarity. Nevada.

blank profile photo.jpg
Julia Hoang, M.D.
Child Psychiatrist

Dr. Hoang recently completed her Child Psychiatry Fellowship at the University of Riverside. Although she treats adults as well, Dr. Hoang's passion is to help children overcome mental health obstacles at a young age. Nevada, California.

pa brandon brown.png
Brandon Brown, PA-C Physician Assistant

PA Brandon enjoy working in telepsychiatry and community mental health. His ability to build rapport and connect with all types of patients helps him to maintain long term care and continuity. Nevada.

blank profile photo.jpg
Marcia Cohen, APRN
Nurse Practitioner

Marcia attended the very first psychiatric nurse practitioner program in the United States. Her focus has been on telepsychiatry services and outpatient mental health care. Nevada, California.

pa janice keenan_edited.png
Janice Sandoval, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Janice has focused her mental health efforts in the pain population. Understanding the psychosomatic effects of pain, trauma, and grief, Janice is able to educate her patients on the benefits of holistic health care. Nevada.

john chece.png
John Chece, D.O.
Mental Health Physician

Dr. Chece attended medical school at Touro University Nevada and later completed his family medicine residency at the University of Rhode Island. As a family doctor, he gained interest in his patient's overall physical and mental health. Now, he primarily works in mental health settings, helping patients to bridge the gap between the body and mind. Nevada, Rhode Island.

tony gross.png
Tony Gross, D.O.
Mental Health Physician

Dr. Gross finished residency in family medicine, but focused his career on peak performance, sports medicine, and mental health. He currently works in several settings and enjoys his time with telepsychiatry. Dr. gross focuses on combining physical and mental factors to achieve peak performance.  Arizona, Ohio, Missouri.

joi sawyer.jpeg
Joi Sawyer, APRN
Nurse Practitioner

Joi grew up and trained in Chicago but brought her talents to Las Vegas. She has focused on mental health care in family practice settings. By incorporating psychiatric evaluations in patient's overall health, she has helped her patients achieve their health goals. Nevada, Illinois.

blank profile photo.jpg
Josephine Vasquez, APRN
Nurse Practitioner

Josephine has worked in multiple psychiatric settings including inpatient, hospital consult liaison, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient. She has many years of experience in many aspects of psychiatry.  Nevada, California.

anum hoodbhoy photo pic.jpeg
Anum Hoodbhoy, PA-C Physician Assistant

PA Anum enjoys began her career in mental health and has focused on ketamine assisted therapy in addition to standard psychiatric care. She works locally in South Florida and practices telepsych as well. Florida.

Screenshot 2022-07-21 2.13.12 PM.png
Crystal Burtis, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Crystal received her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Touro University in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018 and began working right away where she has proven to be invaluable. She has many years of experience in many aspects of psychiatry. Utah.

blank profile photo.jpg
Magdalena Malloy, APRN
Nurse Practitioner

Magdalena has many years of experience working with children in outpatient mental health settings. Though she loves working with kids, she also sees adults and focuses on lifestyle modifications to improve mental health. Nevada, Hawaii, Illinois.

PA Ryan Nokes.jpeg
Ryan Nokes, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Ryan enjoys focusing on the physical compenents of our mental health. His ability to build rapport and connect with all types of patients helps him to maintain long term care and continuity. Nevada, Texas.

blank profile photo.jpg
Van Nguyen, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Van has focused her mental health efforts in the child population. Treating the psychosocial effects of bullying, social media, gender dysphoria, and general adolescent development, Van is able to connect with children and parents. Nevada.

pa samiyah.png
Samiyah Hoodbhoy, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Samiyah has focused her efforts on the underserved population of Las Vegas. Through her work in non profit clinics, she has helped provide long term care and continuity for many in need. Nevada.

blank profile photo.jpg
Erica McGee, PA-C Physician Assistant

PA Erica had experience in urgent care prior to training in mental health. This has allowed her to focus on the many aspects of holistic mental health care including crisis management and psychiatric emergencies. Nevada.

kayli burris pa-c.jpeg
Kayli Burris, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Kayli sees all psychiatric cases but has extra focus on ketamine assisted therapy. Her experiences in the emergency rooms along with her outpatient mental health care blend to provide acute oversight and emotional healing. Nevada.

pa sepi.jpeg
Sepideh Arya-Sande, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Sepi has focused her mental health efforts towards the communities of Norther Nevada. She studied nutrition, practiced primary care, and applied those holistic perspectives to psychiatric care. Nevada.


We accept a wide range of select In and Out-of-Network insurance plans while also offering low self pay rates for any insurances we currently do not accept.

Whether you’re coming in for an initial evaluation or are one of our beloved established patients, our dedicated team has the skills and resources to manage all your mental health needs.

Referrals Are Not Required but please allow us to care for your psychiatric referrals! We provide a fast, direct, and easy streamlined process. 

Please feel free to browse our site and get to know our amazing team.

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