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Connecting with your True Self

Struggling to find the desired results with conventional medications and therapy? Embark on a transformative journey of self-healing and self-growth to address the core contributing factors and soothe the subconcious. Our clinicians will guide you through medication enhanced meditation and accelerated therapeutic exploration, offering a path to lasting fulfillment.

Start Self Healing with at Home Ketamine Therapy

Schedule an Educational Call
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Get started in three easy steps:
1.  Schedule a virtual appointment with a licensed clinician
2. The clinician will ensure you are a good candidate
3. Receive your medication and begin your healing journey

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Step One

Book a virtual appointment with a clinician (most insurances accepted), or schedule a free educational call to learn more about ketamine therapy.

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Step Two

Have your virtual consultation at your scheduled time. The clinician will go over your medical history, your symptoms and ensure this treatment is right for you. The clinician will then customize your personalized treatment protocol and dosage.

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Step Three

Pick up your prescription or have it mailed directly to your home. You'll then be able to start your treatments at home and begin your holistic journey to healing and self actualization. 

Dr. Sam Zand

Anywhere Clinic Founder & CMO

Dr. Zand is a psychiatrist by training and spiritual healer by calling. His medical expertise is in alternative mental health modalities such as psychedelic therapy, TMS, and neuroplastic therapy. His goal is to help patients find self-healing, self-growth, self-love, and self-transcendence to improve social consciousness.

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